Feedback 2022 Canada

Bhagyashree D

Hi, I am Bhagyashree Dixit. The counseling and visa process service I got from Ayana academy was great. I was confused about choosing a university and course of my choice but they guide me and helped to choose Laurentian university for a master’s in computational science. I am thankful to Hiren sir for giving a proper guide to my Canada admission and visa application process.

Sneha P

Thank you so much for being our valued customer. Your support and trust in us are greatly appreciated. Thank you for always giving me encouragement .

Krishita K
I faced a rejection in my visa earlier and honestly I lost all my hopes but that time I met Hiren Sir and truly he is very much helpful. From the start to select correct field and then motivating me to give ielts again he was there with me always, I never felt hesitation in sharing my problems with him because he is so friendly. He made me learn every single thing related to this visa process whether it would be bank work or to send and talk to colleges directly through mail. He taught me to be self dependent and to have knowledge about everything, I have learned many more things in this journey of my visa process from him. And to our surprise I received my Visa in just 12days all because of his hard work. I am really blessed to have him as my mentor and wish that every student would find a mentor like him.

Dear Krishita
It has been a wonderful to have you as a client and I am glad and happy that you got the visa in such short time. This words and appreciation is the key for us to keep moving ahead despite many challenges with many young people. But when we see the success and efforts of students, we are also encouraged that all we need to do is just give you young people support rest you all are capable enough. Thanks for such wonderful words.
– Hiren

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Pankti P
Finally, I have got my Spousal open work permit application approved all thanks to Hiren sir who helped me throughout the process. It was definitely a long wait but somehow, I got it with the help and guidance of Hiren sir. He is always there to help whenever I have a query or doubt. I highly recommend his services and really appreciate his efforts to get the results that I have been waiting for. Again thank you so much for your help and support keep up the good work.

Devanshi S
Our all sessions were flawless and i think you cant be titled as “Agent” because the job you do and guide us is best, you should always be titled as “Guru”. I’m little bit overwhelmed but its truth. no one in this era will pick your call at midnight and guide you after visa comes. No agents would guide you what to do when you reach Canada and how you can build your carrier there which was provided here. I’m speechless, I want to share more experience but word bound.

Dear Devanshi,
I appreciate your feedback. I prefer to called myself as a counsellor. Many people are not aware how counsellor for foreign education works. As per your feedback message, may people should know about us. I agree with you and we are working on creating awareness for many young brilliant people who have received benefits of our services. As we discuss please share your more feedback through Skype and we will be glad to put that too online.

Students can find us at social media platforms Instagram or Facebook @ayanaacademy.official
– Hiren

Dhruvyasha P
I am so thankful to Hiren Sir for providing me the best service during my SOWP visa process. The waiting period was very long for me and during this time he not only helped me in the visa process but also counselled me and taught me how to be positive in this difficult journey. I really appreciate his efforts and all the hard work. Thank you so much! I am glad I met you.

Nakul P
Had an amazing experience with My Visa Source. I absolutely recommend their service to anyone who has immigration issues. We were super happy with the experience with a great team from my visa source.

Pooja S

I met Hiren Sir after I got rejection in Canada study permit. I did not receive proper guidance from my previous agent and I had lost my hopes but Hiren Sir counselled me very well. He then helped me out to shortlist course and University that suit my profile the best. In a very short period of time (2 months), we selected our desired course & university, got admission offer letter and put up my Visa file again. And then comes the day after long wait of 28 days when I received my PPR request. I don’t think it was possible without Hiren Sir’s guidance. I cannot thank him enough. I strongly appreciate his efforts and recommend his services for Visa.

Vidhi K
Hiren sir is so polite and best guider for any situation. I got my family visa within a week. Proper guidelines provided by sir for documents. He is always ready for solve my doubt and gave me the suggestions. 

Drashti K
I highly recommend Ayana Academy for all your immigration needs. They helped me get my parents visitor visa in Canada.

Drashti K
Ayana Academy is one of the most helpful organizations I’ve ever found.  I highly recommend Ayana Academy for all your immigration needs. They helped me get my student visa in Canada.

Thanks Drashti for your feedback. It is bit late about student visa but it is very valuable for us. Good luck with your endeavors. I am glad that your parents got visiting visa

Hiren Thaker Founder Ayana Academy