Feedback 2023

Rajeshwari D –

I got 2 time rejection in Canadian visa . But Hiren sir gave me proper guidance and counselling. He provided IELTS coaching and appropriate strategies that helped me in visa approval. I recommend his service to anyone looking to obtain visa either in Canada or another countries.
Student Post Graduate Nursing

Dwarkesh H

 I got my Canadian visa in the first attempt with the help of Hiren sir. He made this entire process hustle-free. He is not only friendly but also caring, and he gives some life lessons that will be helpful in the upcoming time. Overall, it was a nice experience to work with him. Therefore, I would highly recommend anyone join Ayana Academy for better success.
Student Chemical Science Master’s Degree Admission

Vishwa K

 My whole experience has been amazing. Hiren sir were so polite and caring throughout the process. He guided me with all the things I needed to do and everything went seamlessly. I did not even feel pressured or stressed out during the procedure, all thanks to him. For me Ayana academy was the perfect solution for IELTS preparation, COUNSELLING and VISA process and I would highly recommend this to others.
Student Management Bachelor

Harvi P

 Everything was well-timed because hiren sir were very focused during the whole process. My visa were approved in just week of time as everything was flawlessly balanced and we were positive through this whole time.I’ve  line for line learned many things from him which are going help me in coming times.
Student Management Bachelor

Disha S

I am thankful for all the guidance and support provided by Hiren Sir to me throughout the entire process. He made it all easy by motivating me constantly.
F-1 Masters In Pharmacy – USA

Hemal P

I had a great experience working with Hiren sir. He is very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process of obtaining my Canadian visa. He follows more practical and legit approach to represent visa application rather than following “bhed chaal”. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to obtain a visa for Canada or Other countries.”
Open Work Permit Canada

Danaysha T

The process was really seamless and smooth, due to the advice and assistance provided I could easily get an interview date which in the current climate is unlikely for USA.
J-1 Visa Holder

Vishwa K– IELTS feedback

I am truly blessed to have Hiren sir as my mentor. He gave me proper guidance for my IELTS exam. Before meeting Hiren sir, I had very less self-confidence but he helped me in building my confidence and as a result I scored 7 bands in IELTS.