Canada 2018

Vishal V:

” This is a moment of joy where i can heartily thanks to hiren sir for making my dream come true with successfully granting visa with excellent guidance and flash speed work in documentation ,which make me feel on cloud 9 again thankyou so much hiren sir for supporting and clear overview regarding visa process and it’s documentation.”

Rajvi R

Everything is fine overall.

Vishva P

First of all thanking you to Hiren sir,who give me best guidance and support to prepare my file by self and learn many things which is help full for my career. during counselling they taught me good things direction,And they always says which is right for our career and future.they also make strong and proper visa Thank you to Hiren sir. for get admission in student master program in computer science Canada Jan/winter 2019 and granted visa successfully.

Jaydeep M

thank you Hiren Thaker sir, and for Admission and visa case very strongly and handled my case so stunning, and finally the result emolument off and my Canada visa got approved. I am really happy to built my future in Canada. And his the man who will guide you properly for your future. Thank you.

Vrushal S

First of all i would like to thank Hiren Sir who took my case in his hand i was refused multiple times for USA and Canada i was totally unknown that would i be able to study in an international environment but after a perfect guidance and with a perfect decision of hiren sir i am having my visa of Canada in my hand and at last i would like to THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS YOU MADE FOR ME

Fenil P

Dear Hiren sir
1st of all i hearty say that i like sir’s nature, it is very admirable and tremendous because he doesn’t say indirectly conversation, he always says directly true or false, he doesn’t give wrong information, and he teaches us many polite and good things 
I don’t ever see this kind of guide in life, sir follows actual humanity so i impress on himself
I don’t expect and unfonficant on myself but sir motivates me and gives right direction in my trend
So i heartly say that thank you so much sir for give me actual knowledge and become perfect person 🙌😇✌️🙏

Krina N

Because of the counselling I have prepared my every documents and letters by myself and I was never sure to do something like this on my own before. And every advice and suggestions given by the counsellor is useful and informative and most of all its beneficial to the process and future. My every question, all confusion and curiosity is well answered and enlightened at the time.

Poonam A

The service is very good and all information regarding to choose college/university is best…and also for visa guidance is very useful to me.

Hetang P

First of all i will like to thank Hiren Thaker sir and his team for all the efforts, and for building up my whole Admission and visa case very strongly. Even though i was rejected student visa of USA thrice, Hiren sir and his team handled my case so amazingly, and finally the result payed off and my Canada visa got approved. I am really happy to built my future in Canada. And yes, if you are planning for higher studies abroad, i will definitely suggest Mr. Hiren Thaker’s counselling. As his way of working is amazing and advance. And his the man who will guide you properly for your future. Thank you.