Europe-2018 (Except Germany)

Harsh P:

” First of all I need to say thank you to hiren sir, for guiding me in selecting the best field for my masters in my field of passion. if I had not came in contact of him, i would be like one sheep in herd which follow the same path as others, I would not be thinking anything out of the box. He was the only person to find out of me, what I was passionate about. He told me that do what you like, not what others say, because if you follow the path which you like than it will not be difficult for you to succeed and you will be happy in it. Before coming in contact with him I had went to one of the reputed Overseas education institute in Gujarat, but they are only money makers. they play with the future of student, they will not guide you in correct path and will not work hard on your file, because for acquiring admission in reputed university, they need to work on each and every other student file is different way, and they are not working like that. but hiren sir work really hard on file work, because of him my acceptance rate from university which I have opted was 100%.
so once again I would like to say thanks to hiren sir for becoming my mentor.”

Student at Netherlands